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探偵ガリレオ Chapter 1 – Part 3

1) 小学校に上がるか上がらないかといった年格好だ。
年格好 – としかっこう – one’s age
She seemed to be around primary school age.

2) そう声をかけようとした時、少女は何かに躓いたらしく、前に転んだ。
躓く – つまずく – to trip
As he was about to call out to her, she tripped on something and fell forward.

4) ずんぐりした体格で、首も短い。
ずんぐり – short and round
He was short and round with a short neck too.

5) 顔つきは温厚だが、目にはそれなりの鋭さがある。
温厚 – おんこう – gentle
His face was gentle but his eyes had a sharpness to them.

6) 軽く唇を噛んだところに、日頃の鬱憤が込められているようだった。
鬱憤 – うっぷん – resentment, anger
The way he lightly bit his lip seemed to show his daily resentment. (This sounds terrible but I can’t think of a better translation.)

7) あまりに不謹慎な台詞だった。
不謹慎 – ふきんしん – indiscreet
It was a very indiscreet remark.

8) 相当頭にきてるようだね
相当 – そうとう – quite, considerably
It seemed he was quite angered.

逡巡 – しゅんじゅん – hesitation
Maejima seemed hesitant, but he opened the door wide.


探偵ガリレオ Chapter 1 – Part 2

1) このエピソードを山下良介は手柄話のつもりでしゃべっているようだった。
手柄話 – てがらばなし – boastful story
It seemed like Ryousuke was relating this episode as a boastful story. (Awkward translation…)

2) 話しながら両手で髪を後ろにかきあげるのが癖だった。
かきあげる – to comb upwards
He had a habit of combing his hair back with both hands as he talked.

3) 他の三人のうち、二人はベンチに腰を下ろし、残る一人はバイクに跨っていた。
跨る – またがる – to straddle
Of the remaining three people, two were sat on a bench and the other was straddling his bike.

4) さらに何かふてぶてしい台詞の一つでも付け加えようと思ったのか、例によって前髪を両手でかきあげ、山下が口を動かしかけた時だった。
ふてぶてしい – brazen, impudent, audacious
It was when it seemed like Yamashita was thinking of some further boastful thing to say, he combed back his fringe as was his way, and his mouth started to move. (awkward translation but nevermind, maybe it would be better as two sentences?)

5) ただ呆然と、そのスローモーションのような映像を眺めていたのだ。
呆然 – ぼうぜん – be dumbstruck, taken aback
In a daze, they watched the scene as though it were in slow motion.

6) 同時に直感的に身の危険を感じた。
直感的 – ちょっかんてき – intuitively, instinctively
At the same time, he instinctively felt he was in danger.

探偵ガリレオ Chapter 1 – Part 1

1) 幽体離脱した少年…
幽体離脱 – ゆうたいりだつ – out-of-body experience
The girl who had an out-of-body experience…

2) 火星年代記
年代記 – ねんだいき – Chronicles
A character is reading “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury

3) 彼等はいつもの場所にたむろし始めた。
たむろ – gathering, place where people gather
They started gathering in the usual place.

4) 見た目がふつうだからといって、暴走族よりも寛大に扱われるべきだということにはならない。
寛大 -かんだい  – tolerance
Just because they look normal, it doesn’t mean they should be tolerated more than a biker gang.

5) 暗唱できるくだりがいくつかあるほどだ。
暗唱 – あんしょう – recite from memory
To the point where he could knew several parts off by heart.

6) 若者の一人が意味不明なことを喚いた。
喚く – わめく – to shout, cry, scream
One of the youths shouted out for an unknown reason.

7) 一年半前に高校を卒業後、塗装会社に就職したのだが、時間を拘束されるわりに得られる金額が少ないことに嫌気がさして、三か月前に退職したのだった。
塗装 – とそう – coating, painting
adjい・な/nounの/verb + わりにB – situation of B does not meet expectations from A (I had a vague feeling of what it meant but I couldn’t put it into words…)
Xに嫌気がさしている – feel disgust for, feel sick of
He graduated high school a year and a half ago and found a job at a paint factory. However, he got sick of the restrictive hours for relatively low pay, so three months ago he quit.

8) 親と顔を合わせたくないからこそ、深夜までこうして外を徘徊しているといえなくもなかった。
徘徊 – はいかい – to wander, loiter
You could even say that it was because he didn’t want to see his parents that he wandered around outside at night.

9) そういう鬱陶しい関係は不要だった。
鬱陶しい – うっとうしい – I knew this could mean gloomy, but it can also mean ‘bothersome/tiresome’ which is more suitable here.
That kind of tiresome relationship was unnecessary.