Tales of Zestiria – First video!

First video is up on the Tales of Zestiria site! The script of the video is pretty much the same as what was on the countdown website – just a couple of lines of speech added in the middle.

Legend of the Monks

In the distant age of myth and legend, whenever the world was overtaken by darkness, they would appear and take back the light

Even as the ages passed, whenever the world fell in chaos, people would speak of the legend and pray for salvation

Each time, the monks would appear and cast the darkness out

However, when peace came the monks would disappear…

As I thought! It’s the hero who holds the holy sword… the “Monk” wall-carving!

You… Aren’t you going to ask my name?

However, when peace came the monks would disappear… Where they went…not a soul knew

Before anyone realised, they had faded from memory into legend

Darkness…was trying once more to consume the world


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