Tales of Zestiria – World Information

I’m sure this information is elsewhere online but here is my translation of it. Image source: operationrainfall

World Information
World Information

Two powerful countries, Highland Kingdom and Lowlance Empire, fight for dominance of the continent Greenwood

Different religions gave rise to a variety of cultures, and civilisations have developed and spread.

However, they all have one mysterious point in common.

Every religion in Greenwood speaks of a mysterious existence known as the Heavenly Host.
*天族 is a made up word, literally ‘Heaven tribe’, so I’ve translated it as ‘Heavenly Host’ mainly because I like the alliteration and I can’t think of anything else.

The Heavenly Host cannot be seen or touched, but it is said they can exert their influence over objects in the world through their supernatural abilities.

People have revered, feared, hidden from and worshipped the Heavenly Host.


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