Tales of Zestiria – Main Characters Info

Pictures are from this blog. The scans here are from V Jump, but there are also scans from Jump which have slightly different information so I’ve put that here too.

Because I believe ancient history holds the knowledge of people and the Heavenly Host living happily together.


Voice actor: Ryouhei Kimura

Height: 175cm

Weapon: One-handed ceremonial sword

V Jump: 古代遺跡に興味を持少年。甘すぎる一面もあるが純粋で前向き。
A boy with an interest in ancient ruins. Can be a bit naive but is straight-forward with a positive outlook.

Jump: 甘すぎるところもある心優しい少年で、いつも前向き。世界中の古代遺跡に興味を持つ。
A slightly naive, kind-hearted boy with an always positive outlook. Interested in ancient ruins throughout the world.

I want to see my home uncorrupted!


Voice Actor: Ai Kayano

Height: 161cm

Weapon: Pike

V Jump: 自らを姫ではなく、国に尽くす一介の騎士と考えている勇敢な王女。
A gallant princess, who thinks of herself as a mere knight devoted to her country and not as a lady of noble birth.

Jump: 一介の騎士として堅苦しい男性言葉を話す王女。災厄や戦乱を放っておけず旅に出る。
A princess who behaves as a knight and speaks with formal male language*. Unable to ignore the disasters and war around her, she sets out on a journey,
*The translation sounds terrible I know! Maybe I’ll come back to it later.


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