Phrases from 謎解きはディナーのあとで 第1話

New things from Chapter One.

~めいた from めく ‘to seem like’
“Coming back in order to go out……” it was a paradoxical sentence.

整理整頓(せいりせいとん)tidy and in order
行き届く (ゆきとどく・いきとどく)to be scrupulous, meticulous
Even being polite, it is difficult to say that that messy room was scrupulously tidy.

蝶よ花よと育てられる – to have been brought up pampered and spoiled, to have had a sheltered upbringing
正真正銘(しょうしんしょうめい)- genuine, authentic
Brought up with a pampered lifestyle, graduated from a top university with flying colours, all in all a proper lady with no wants.


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