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Tales of Zestiria – Prologue

Finally getting round to translating the Zestiria website. This is the Prologue (original page here). If you have any comments or questions about my translation, please feel free to ask!


A long time had passed. Deep in a forest that no one entered there was a village, the “Heavenly Host Village”, reminiscent of the utopia spoken of in legend where people and angels lived together On the continent of Greenwood, in this age when the corruption had been spreading for a long time, Heavenly Host Forest still remained untouched by this pollution.

Slay, a child taken in by this place, was fortunate and blessed to be with surrounded with love and, being brought up cut off from the outside world, grew up to be a young boy of pure heart. Slay was forbidden from leaving the village to prevent him from falling prey to the Hyouma – monsters born from the corruption present in the outside world. Slay possessed high levels of spiritual power and never sought go against this rule, having been told many times of the dangers of the Hyouma.

The Heavenly Host Forest was isolated from the rest of the world, a sacred land. The only entertainment Slay could find in such a cut off place was reading the “Heavenly History Record” which he happened upon, and exploring the ancient ruins near the forest. Slay visited these ruins frequently and before long he developed an interest in ancient history. He began to think that the legend spoken of in the Heavenly History Record, “In ancient times, people could perceive the Heavenly Host and they lived together.”, was not a fantasy but might actually be true, and finding new things at the ruins that made him think of the world of those ancient times became Slay’s daily life.

Slay never tired of the exploring the ruins, and on that day he was caught up in a cave in and fell underground. As he walked around trying to find his way out of the underground ruins he came across a girl lying unconscious on the ground. It seemed she too had been caught up in the cave in and Slay immediately went to help her. Although she was uninjured and returned to consciousness, she had lost all her belongings and did not know how to get out. After inviting her back to his village Slay led the girl out of the ruins.

Somehow or other Slay managed to get back to the Heavenly Host Village.  The girl had at first been on her guard, but Slay’s kind and thoughtful manner gradually put her at ease. She told him her reason for visiting the ruins; for the last ten years a catastrophe beyond human understanding had been occuring  all over the world. She gave him her name as well, Aleesha.