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Busy busy busy

The Tales of Zestiria website has loads of information now and I’d like to go through and translate it all but university has got the better of me and I have deadlines every week 😦 I really need to improve my time management if I’m going to make time for translation as well. I’ll aim to post a translation by Wednesday.


探偵ガリレオ Chapter 1 – Part 4

1) それを下から見上げただけで萎縮しそうになるのは、生まれついての理系オンチのせいだろうと草薙は自己分析した。
萎縮 – いしゅく – wither, atrophy
Looking up at it made Kusanagi feel like withering away – he thought the reason was probably his complete lack of scientific ability. (I couldn’t think of a way to put 自己分析 in there without it sounding completely awkward.)


2) いや、昼間であるから明かりをつけなくとも充分に明るいはずなのだが、遮光カーテンでもつけてあるのか窓からの光も殆どなく、まるで暗室のようなのだ。
遮光カーテン – しゃこうカーテン – lined/black-out curtains
No, it was daytime so there should be enough light to see by without turning the lights on, but maybe there were black-out curtains as there was hardly any light from the windows. It was just like a darkroom.


3) モーター音に似ており、しかも草薙としても馴染みのある音だった。
馴染み – なじみ – intimacy, friendship, familiarity
It sounded like a motor and to Kusanagi it was also a very familiar sound.


4) 長身で色白、黒縁眼鏡をかけた秀才タイプの顔つきは、学生の頃から殆ど変わっていない。
~縁眼鏡 – ~ぶちめがね – ~rimmed glasses
His tall stature, fair-skin and intelligent face with black-rimmed glasses was mostly unchanged from his student days.


5) 僕としちゃあ、君への協力の意思を形で示したつもりなんだけど
としちゃ(あ) – (としては)- as for, in the capacity of
I only meant to show my intention of working with you in physical form.


6) 草薙は湯川の手元をしげしげと眺めた。
しげしげ – closely, fixedly
Kusanagi gazed fixedly at Yugawa’s hand.